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axi·om (ak′sē əm): 

Welcome to Axiom's Resident Services site.  If you're looking for Axiom's site for Owners and Investors, please visit us at:


Axiom is a world-class, full-service property management syndicate built around one crucial client demand: Maximum ROI. Whatever your management needs require, trust Axiom to deliver seamlessly, always keeping your bottom line in mind. Axiom provides Commercial / Retail / Office / Industrial management services throughout the great state of Idaho, currently offering Multi-Family / Residential services in eastern Idaho: Pocatello, Idaho Falls, Rexburg and surrounding areas.

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Looking for your next great deal? Axiom investment analysts, Mark & Paul Bitton, are more than happy to help you build wealth through investment real estate. With years of experience managing commercial, retail, office, multi-family, single family, self-storage, and HOA's, they are prepared to calculate and explain risks / rewards associated with virtually any investment opportunity. Once you've pulled the trigger, Axiom can help you ensure performance meets or exceeds your target ROI's by managing every detail for you. For a free consultation with Mark or Paul, please call 208.233.0740 and find out how simple it is to start building wealth through real estate with Axiom analysts and managers standing right at your side.

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Axiom Properties is a Property Management Company provides residential management services in Pocatello, Idaho Falls & Rexburg, Idaho.  For all of your Pocatello, Idaho Falls & Rexburg, Idaho property management services, contact us.  We provide property management services for Rexburg, Pocatello, Idaho Falls and many other areas of south eastern Idaho for commercial purposes.  We provide commercial and residential property management services for Pocatello, Rexburg and Idaho falls/Ammon and provide Commercial property management for all areas of South Eastern Idaho.  If you're looking for a Pocatello Property management company, we're you're source for all real estate management needs. Don't need Pocatello, Idaho Falls or Rexburg Property management? We can help your with your real estate needs too!  Besides Pocatello Property Management, Idaho Falls Property management and Rexburg property management, we all do real estate sales for Pocatello, Rexburg and Idaho Falls along with the surrounding areas.  Yes, we consider ourselves the premier Pocatello, Rexburg & Idaho Falls property managers, not because we're cocky, but because we're confident in our ability to manage investor's property to the level of the investor's expectations.  Do you need a pocatello, idaho falls or rexburg property manager?  Ask yourself, if I'm looking for a Pocatello, Idaho Falls or Rexburg Property management company, which Pocatello, Idaho Falls or Rexburg property managers would I pick?  Axiom Properties is a high quality company that can satisfy all of your Pocatello, Idaho Falls and Rexburg Idaho property management services.  We're especially good at commercial property management in Pocatello, Idaho Falls and Rexburg, but we also perform Pocatello, Idaho Falls and Rexburg residential property management.  Call Axiom for all of your Pocatello, Idaho Falls and Rexburg Idaho property management needs.